Sri Ramakrishna The Face of Silence cover with bust of Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Ramakrishna: The Face of Silence

Swami Nikhilananda and Dhan Gopal Mukerji; Edited & Introduction by Swami Adiswarananda; Foreword by Dhan Gopal Mukerji II. A historic book in the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda-Vedanta tradition. Two classic biographies - Dhan Gopal Mukerji's Face of Silence and Swami Nikhilananda's Sri Ramakrishna - are brought together in this inspiring volume examining the life and teachings of the Great Master. Included are Swami Adiswarananda's Sri Ramakrishna and His God-consciousness and photographs associated with the life of the Master.

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An inspiring in-depth look at the nineteenth-century Godman of India and Prophet of Harmony.

Sri Ramakrishna, one of the greatest spiritual personalities of our time, is widely recognized as the Prophet of Harmony of Religions. After exploring and perfecting the practice of several religions-including Christianity, Islam and various traditions of Hinduism-he declared, "As many faiths, so many paths."

For the first time, two classic biographies-Dhan Gopal Mukerji's The Face of Silence (1926) and Swami Nikhilananda's Sri Ramakrishna (1942)-are brought together to provide a fuller understanding of the life and spiritual significance of Sri Ramakrishna as well as the systems of Indian religious thought intimately connected with him. Pairing legend with fact, memory with history, this unique volume-including an Introduction to Sri Ramakrishna's God-consciousness by Swami Adiswarananda-succeeds in intimately examining the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna and conveying the true story of this great mystic, whose leaping flame of spiritual realization continues to influence the modern spiritual search.

From the Introduction:

It was Sri Ramakrishna who for the first time explored the vast and unknown realms of the human soul in all its dimensions. He saw what no eye could see, heard what no ear could hear, and discovered what no mind could comprehend. In his search for Truth, he walked alone and was not understood even by the best Hindus of his time. Through his life, he demonstrated that God is very much real and can be realized.

About the authors:

Swami Nikhilananda (1895-1973), a direct disciple of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, was a distinguished monk of the Ramakrishna Order of India and a major figure in introducing the teachings of Yoga and Vedanta to America and the West. A gifted writer, he is noted for his beautiful and scholarly translations of the spiritual literature of India. Among his books are Sri Sarada Devi, The Holy Mother: Her Teachings and Conversations (SkyLight Paths) and his translation into English from the original Bengali of The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, a work that has made the immortal words of this great prophet of the nineteenth century available to countless readers throughout the world. He founded the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center of New York in 1933 and was its spiritual leader until his death in 1973.

Dhan Gopal Mukerji (1890-1936) was one of the earlier emigres from India to America. A prolific writer and lecturer, he was an important figure in creating a bridge of understanding between America and India. His poetic biography, The Face of Silence, was the first book written in English to introduce Sri Ramakrishna and his teachings to America and the West.

Swami Adiswarananda, a senior monk of the Ramakrishna Order of India, is the Minister and Spiritual Leader of the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center of New York. A noted writer and speaker, he is the author of The Spiritual Quest and the Way of Yoga: The Goal, the Journey and the Milestones; The Vedanta Way to Peace and Happiness and Meditation and Its Practices: A Definitive Guide to Techniques and Traditions of Meditation in Yoga and Vedanta (all SkyLight Paths). He is also the editor of Sri Sarada Devi, The Holy Mother: Her Teachings and Conversations (SkyLight Paths).


"Words as fresh as morning, wisdom as true as light. Sri Ramakrishna, the Face of Silence will find new generations of enthusiastic readers. The true 'legend' of Ramakrishna!"— Gordon H. Chang, professor of history, Stanford University

"Elegant, uplifing prose and heartfelt storytelling make for delightful reading, drawing us closer to the beautiful divine presence that is Sri Ramakrishna. A wonderul entree into the world of a pivotal spiritual personality of our time."— Kendra Crossen Burroughs, annotator of Selections from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

"Combining Dhan Gopal Mukerji's poetic evocation of the Ramakrishna legend with Swami Nikhilananda's comprehensive and illuminating history, Sri Ramakrishna, The Face of Silence feeds both the heart and the head. It brings us vividly into the presence of the great master who, more than any other individual, revived India's spiritual culture and brought that culture to the world. Sit once more with the poet (Dhan Gopal Mukerji) and the apostle (Swami Nikhilananda) at Sri Ramakrishna's feet and drink deeply of the nectar stream! In restoring these two forgotten gems, Swami Adiswarananda has done a great service to devotees, as well as to those who have not yet been exposed to the life and teachings of one of the greatest mystics of all times."— Richard Schiffman, author of Sri Ramakrishna: A Prophet for the New Age