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The Ramakrishna Order and its Centers are at the forefront of the interfaith movement. Swami Adiswarananda regularly participates in the programs and activities of major interfaith organizations. He is a member of the advisory board of The Temple of Understanding, and has spoken at a number of its Spiritual Summit Conferences. He is a founding member of the Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders for Human Survival and also serves on the International board of advisors of the International Peace University of Potsdam and Berlin, Germany. In the summer of 1993, Swami Adiswarananda took part in the Parliament of the World's Religions, which was held in Chicago to commemorate the Centenary of the first Parliament of 1893 and was selected to be one of the 200 representatives in the Parliament's Assembly of Religious and Spiritual Leaders. The Assembly held sessions during the days of the Parliament and continues as a consultative body to discuss issues and challenges facing the global community and to seek common grounds for mutual understanding and cooperation among all faiths.

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1993 Parliament Poster

interfaith 1893 parliament.JPG (96616 bytes)
The World's Parliament of Religions, Chicago 1893
interfaith 1993 parliament religious leaders.jpg (93850 bytes)
Assembly of Religious & Spiritual Leaders at the 1993 Parliament of the
World's Religion held at Chicago to Commemorate the Centenary of the
Parliament of 1893
New York Times Article
interfaith 1946 town hall.JPG (17179 bytes)
Interfaith Meeting at Town Hall, New York
interfaith-cathedral summit-1.jpg (41730 bytes)
Swami Adiswarananda at Spiritual Summit IV, Cathedral of
St. John the Divine, New York 1987
interfaith cathedral summit 2.jpg (40987 bytes)
Swami Adiswarananda at Spiritual Summit IV, Cathedral of
St. John the Divine, New York 1987
interfaith seamans church.JPG (61759 bytes)
Dedication of the New Seaman's Church Institute,
South Street Seaport, New York


An impressive event was organized by Swami Adiswarananda on January 4,
1987 to commemorate the 150th Birthday of Sri Ramakrishna and the 100th
Anniversary of the Ramakrishna Order. As Many Faiths, So Many Paths,
an interfaith celebration, was held at the Community Church of New York.
Among the many distinguished personalities participating in the event were
Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations James Jonah, senior
Swamis of the Order in America, religious leaders of different faiths, scholars,
and noted musical artists. More than one thousand devotees and friends of the
Center attended the event and on the following day The New York Times,
published a photograph of the celebration.